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Our vacation was amazing! Everything just worked as scheduled and experiencing Lapland and it's wonders with a private concierge was fun, safe and exiting. Definately one of the best vacations ever!
Drew B.
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Anything is possible.

Our concierge will meet you and your family at the airport and will take care of you and your family until the end of your vacation.

Our concierge works punctually based on the itinerary specified for your clients. During the stay the concierge service can be offered 24/7 or just part of the day.

You can also book your private plane as part of a package.
As a local DMC we will take care of everything starting from a private plane ride from your destination to one of our airports, private transportation for you, your family and your crew, accommodations of your choice, activities such as private husky- or reindeer rides, Northern Light hunts, horse rides, private dinners, catamaran rides, snowmobile experiences, visiting different destinations…

Anything is possible.
Having a concierge taking care of our every need was just super comfortable. We could focus on enjoying our vacation to the fullest because all the details were taken care for us. Everything just…. worked!
Mary Spencer
We work together only with the best - best accommodation suited exactly to your needs, best private activities with huskies, reindeer, horses, snowmobiles, best adventures under the most beautiful sky filled with Northern Lights, best transportation from private planes to luxury vehicles and, of course, the ultimate best guest relations all the way.
Our transfers are handled discreetly with our black Mercedes Benz Vito with black leather interior.

Our guests can decide anything from the temperature to the music we play and the drinks we offer during the travels.
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Driving around Lapland with our concierge in a private black van was super comfortable. Especially when we could play our own playlist using the vans sound systems was amazing! Seeing the Northern Lights while listening to my favorite opera sung by Pavarotti - I will never forget it!
Anna & Pavel P.
Our choices for our guests for accommodation are luxurious- all the way. Depending on demand there are accommodations providing personal chefs and private hosting 24/7.
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When in the mood of ultimate luxury - Levi Spirit offers it all! Privacy for your family, private chefs, personal service, your own spa, fireplaces, jacuzzy and an amazing sound system. Everything has been prepared just for you! Amazing times!
We only work with the best - no matter if you want to experience a private Aurora Cabin under the Northern Lights or an amazing Log Villa with a private Spa, outside pool, and an outstanding top quality sound system for a movie night. A private chef will prepare your choice of cuisine for your and your family, your every need is taken care of by a 24/7 hosting services. We help you to relax and get the best out of your vacation in Lapland.

Anything is possible.
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We saw the Northern Lights dancing round our Igloo, it seemed. I will never forget this amazing phenomenon!
Hannah Briggs, London
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The VIP Igloo at Golden Crown Igloos was just what we needed. The outside jacuzzy was the best way to enjoy the spectacular Auroras dancing in the Northern Sky. Just … amazing, wonderful and definitely once in a lifetime experience! Unless you come back, of course! See you next year :)
Paul and Demi from Scotland
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We take care of your every need so you and your family can simply enjoy and focus on getting the best experiences, the best pictures and the best wows - the best memories to last for a lifetime!

Our concierge speaks perfect English as well as good German, Russian, Finnish, Estonian and some Spanish. We can also rent luxury cars suited for our guests if needed so… Anything is possible.

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For details contact our sales directly and we will build you your dream vacation beyond the Arctic Circle. We operate in Finnish and Norwegian Lapland and in Iceland. Anything is possible.

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